• At Todaiji Temple: 'To Build a Ship': A Project by Cai Guo-Qiang

    At Todaiji Temple: “To Build a Ship”: A Project by Cai Guo-Qiang

    From March 26 to October 23
    Ships are the symbol of cultural exchange through oceans, connecting the continents. 10 ship carpenters from China came to Japan to publically construct a traditional wooden ship similar to those which sailed the East Asian ocean.The completed ship is exhibited as a symbolic project for this event, with Kagami-ike Pond substituting for the ocean.
  • Art Installations Unfolded at 8Shrines and Temples in Nara

    Art Installations Unfolded at 8Shrines and Temples in Nara

    From September 3 to October 23
    The project will see the installation of artworks at Nara’s shrines and temples, the symbols of the most internationally opened period in Japanese history, by well-known artists from countries which visited Japan.
  • Naramachi Art Project

    Naramachi Art Project

    From September 3 to October 23
    An art project that allows visitors appreciating artworks as they explore Naramachi, letting patrons feel history from the Edo to the Meiji periods (17th century to the early 20th century).
  • Heijo Palace Site / SPAC – Shizuoka Performing Arts Center

    Heijo Palace Site / SPAC – Shizuoka Performing Arts Center

    From September 9 to September 12
    A Play Celebrating the Explosion of Asian Power
    A most beautiful love story derived from the ancient Indian epic verse, “Mahābhārata – The Adventure of Nala” is magnificently staged in this play. Each of their performances at Festival d’Avignon, received standing ovations. With its 360 degree “ring-shaped” stage surrounding the audience, Mahābhārata will finally arrive in Nara.
  • Heijo Palace Site / ISHINHA

    Heijo Palace Site / ISHINHA

    From October 14 to October 24
    Every year, people discuss where ISHINHA will perform. This year, it will be in Nara.
    With Asia as the theme, they will reconstitute their 2010 performance involved in their visualized “ocean way”. Spread out in all directions, it will evoke history. Experience a totally new scene where you can strongly sense the development of space and depth of time.
  • Nara Centennial Hall   Manyo Opera/Lab

    Nara Centennial Hall Manyo Opera/Lab

    From October 1 to October 2
    A story of friendship among 3 students sent to Tang; ABE no Nakamaro, who was the favorite of Emperor Xuan Zong and became a minister in Tang, KIBI no Makibi, who became a minister in Japan after being sent to Tang twice, and Shinsei Fujii, a Japanese envoy to Tang who died there when he was only 36 years old.
    The performance will be sent out from Nara to the world as “Manyo Opera”
  • Creating a Play with High School Students

    Creating a Play with High School Students

    Period of Production: From August to December, 2016
    Our objective is to nurture human resources that will support cultural art activities in the area for the next generation by developing the communication skills, imagination and creativity of youngsters as they experience actual performance creation. Workshops are held mainly for high school students in Nara City. Later, an original theater performance will be created under the supervision of the Director of Performing Arts, Mr. Oriza Hirata.
  • Film Exchange Project

    Film Exchange Project

    “Culture City of East Asia 2016” includes produced films featuring stories based on each city co-hosting the event in China, Korea and Japan. These films will be shown at various venues involved in the Culture City of East Asia project. Viewers will touch the culture of each city through the film appreciation.
  • Nara Food Caravan Project

    Nara Food Caravan Project

    Once upon a time, various cultures came through the Silk Road to Nara and it flourished as a cosmopolitan city. Mongolia was the keystone site of cultural exchange between east and west Asia. Thus, a “Yurt,” a nomadic Mongol shelter, will be the symbolic mobile dining display in Nara.