Daianji Temple / Tadashi Kawamata (Japan)


daianji Temple

Daianji Temple was originally Daikandaiji Temple, which was the head of Kanji Temples (state-sponsored temples) having its roots to Kumagori dojo (learning place) founded by Prince Shotoku in 7th century. At its peak time, it was called Nandaiji Temple and had large scale monastery as a general university with 889 learning monks. The work will be exhibited around the remains of the tower in rice paddies.

Artist Tadashi Kawamata (Japan)
Title Tower of scaffolding
Overview He is exhibiting his work at the area neighboring the remains of a huge 7-story pagoda that runs from east to west, where ruins investigators assume it stood. Using the scaffold log technique, which has been handed down at the restoration sites of cultural assets, the artist has produced a contemporary tower, reminiscent of the previous one.
Venue Daianji Temple
Event Period From September 3 to October 23

Art work

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    Tower of scaffolding