Nara Food Caravan Project



Once upon a time, various cultures came through the Silk Road to Nara and it flourished as a cosmopolitan city.  Mongolia was the keystone site of cultural exchange between east and west Asia.  Thus, a “Yurt,” a nomadic Mongol shelter, will be the symbolic mobile dining display in Nara.

Pop up Restaurant

foodcaravan02The team researches food producers and food materials in Nara, describing the transitions and history of the Silk Road that can be seen through food.

Schedule September 2 (Fri.) and 3 (Sat.)
September 17 (Sat.) – September 25 (Sun.)
This event has ended.
Venue Naramachi Center


Edible Landscape

food_edible01Using food materials encountered in Nara, a food space will be established at the grand location under the theme, “offering”. Participants will join in the production until finally, they will eat Nara itself. This is an interactive event with food materials which you enjoy “products from and the flavor of that place”.

Schedule October 10(Mondays and holidays)
This event has ended.
Venue Kasugataisha Tobihino

饗 “Ae”

food_ae01“Ae” means food as a treat. This type of treatment was already recorded in Nihon-shoki, the oldest chronicle of Japan. Ceremonial dishes will be cooked based on a compilation of research on the roots of food, history, nature and communication in this area, expressing from the old to modern Nara.

Schedule October 23(Sun.) This event has ended.
Venue warehouse



food_hive01A joint project team HIVE has been established by “Food Project Nara” of Nara Women’s University for a limited period. Through historic research, the food ingredients of Nara and food product markets, the team’s challenge is to develop their own unique products.
Additionally, the team will “plan and operate the Pop up Restaurant,” creating the restaurant from scratch, from menus to on site coordination.
* *Food Project Nara
The project to create unique dishes using food materials and products from Nara, such as Yamato vegetables and Narazuke pickled vegetables. It is conducted mainly by university students. They have achieved several product developments through collaboration with many corporations.

Food Residency

Supporting chefs from in and out of Japan will participate to create additional excitement to the Pop up Restaurant.
While they stay in Nara for a certain period, they will see and touch the people and history of Nara with their own viewpoints. They will put in their own ideas and release them at the Pop up Restaurant and at workshops as satellite events.

Luz Moreno from Spain October. 2 (Sun.) – October.4(Tue.) This event has ended.
Pauline Lemberger from France October. 11 (Tue.) This event has ended.

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