Saidaiji Temple / Ayşe Erkmen (Turkey)


saidaiji Temple

Saidaiji Temple was founded at the wish of Emperor Shotoku. The temple had grand buildings which was comparable to Todaiji Temple in the Nara Period, but many were lost in repeated fires. The current buildings are from the mid-Edo Period. The work will be exhibited in the area surrounding Chashitsu Rokusouan, located what was once the site of the West Tower during the Nara Period and the pond.

Artist Ayşe Erkmen (Turkey)
Title pond to pool to pond
Overview Seeing the pond in Saidaiji Temple as a symbol of the Eastern end of the silk-road in the old times, the artist creates a Western style swimming pool next to the pond. Invited from Turkey, old capital area of Eastern Roman Empire located on the opposite Western rim of the old silk-road, the artist connects the pool with the pond with pipes, circulating and purifying its water. This mechanical device is also visually one of the main part of the work. Through the work, viewers may able to imagine of the cultural exchange between the West and the East, and discover the interesting combination of the tradition and modern technology.
Venue Saidaiji Temple
Event Period From September 3 to October 23

Art work

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