Film Exchange Project

“Culture City of East Asia 2016” includes produced films featuring stories based on each city co-hosting the event in China, Korea and Japan. These films will be shown at various venues involved in the Culture City of East Asia project. Viewers will touch the culture of each city through the film appreciation.

“Goodbye” directed by Jia Zhangke (China)

  • Director/Photography: Jia Zhangke
    Place of filming: Ningbo

    A big swamp in Ningbo. When I look up and see the birds freely flying around, I wonder how they see us people? What can we see about our life when we see it from a different viewpoint? Using a camera attached to a drone, we filmed a couple who are saying goodbye and view their tangled emotions from the sky. I hope you enjoy this view that attracted me.
    (Comment from Director Jia Zhangke)

Jia Zhangke

Jia Zhangke (Film Director/Screenwriter)
【Representative Works】
●Xiao Wu (1998) – Won the best new director award at the 48th Berlin International Film Festival
●Still Life (2006) – Won the Golden Lion at the 63rd Venice International Film Festival
●A Touch of Sin (2013) – Won the screenwriting award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival

Born in Fenyang, Shanxi Province in 1970. Graduated from Běijīng Diànying Xuéyuàn. His film “Xiao Wu” won awards at various film festivals, including the Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin and the Vancouver international Film Festival. This led to his works being shown on premium screen at many big film festivals in Europe. His 2006 film, “Still Life” won the highest award, the Golden Lion, at the 63rd Venice International Film Festival. in 2013, “A Touch of Sin” won the screenwriting award at the Cannes Film Festival. Many of his films take the style of being a blend of fiction and documentary. He also produces a lot of young directors’ works and in those, he makes cameo appearances.

“HAENYEO” directed by O Muel (Korea)

  • Director/Photography: O Muel
    Place of filming: Jeju-teukbyeoljachido

    The deep blue ocean of Jeju. The orange colored materials floating on the surface are tools used by Haenyo (female divers). They come around floats and go back to the water. The film delivers the breath of Haenyo, who are the symbolic figure of the mothers of Jeju.

O Muel

O Muel (Film Director)
【Representative Works】
●Jiseul (2012) – Won 4 categories at the Busan International Film Festival
●Golden Chariot in the Sky, and others

Born in 1971 in Jeju. He has continued to film his works in Jeju as the Director of an independent cultural project, TERRO J, representing the area. In addition to producing many theatrical and general performances, he conducts a street art festival called “Flower of Art”. He is also the coordinator of the Jeju Independent Film Society and the Acoustic Director of the Japari Research Center. He has released 2 short films and several full-length ones.

“RESPECT” directed by Naomi Kawase (Japan)

  • Director/Photography: Naomi Kawase
    Cast: Takumi Saito, Yuko Nakamura, Nijiro Murakami
    Place of filming: Nara

    Do you know the truth? People are not perfect… 3 people are communicating. One cannot see, one cannot hear and one cannot speak. The film is asking what they need to understand each other.

Naomi Kawase

Naomi Kawase (Film Creator)
【Representative Works】
●Suzaku (1997) – Won the best new director award at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival
●Mourning Forest (2007) – Won the Grand Prix at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival
●Sweet Red Bean Paste (2015) – Opening film of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Ms. Kawase has been making movies in her hometown of Nara. She won the best new director award at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival with her debut film, “Suzaku” and the Grand Prix in 2007 with “Mourning Forest”. In 2009, she won the Carrosse d’or from the Directors’ Fortnight as a film director contributing to the festival. In 2013, she became the first Japanese director on one of that festival’s juries. In January 2015, she received Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Minister of Culture. Other than being a film director, she continues her activities in expression, producing commercial films and writing essays. She is also busy as the Executive Director of the Nara International Film Festival. Her latest film, “An” has been a big hit.
Official website:
Official twitter account: @KawaseNAOMI