Warehouse in Kitafuro-cho / Aiko Miyanaga


  • Warehouse in Kitafuro-cho
    Warehouse in Kitafuro-cho
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Artist Aiko Miyanaga
Title story of the droplets
About the work Just one street away from major modern noise, an old wooden dye shop warehouse appears. They say in old days, dyed threads were hung on numerous bamboo poles, creating a colorful site. When I first visited here, the scene of newly dyed threads gently swinging in the wind vividly filled my mind. Several decades have passed since this place stopped being of use, but the space still remains a valuable memory in people’s minds.
I initially only looked at high places, but when I found a trace of color on the bottom of my shoes, I suddenly wanted to look for a story of the ground that looked up at this site. Let’s put an unopened glass jar out and watch the various incidents of the long years at the corner. The story of memory that the jar told me in a tiny piece of glitter is going to take form, drop by drop.
Venue Warehouse in Kitafuro-cho
The warehouse of a dye shop which operated from the Taisho to the mid-Showa Era (early to mid 20th century) in the town of Kitafuro. The wall, made in a way that permits wind to constantly goes through in order to dry dyed rolls of cloth and threads, is now covered by beautiful ivy. It is worth seeing.
Profile Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1974. The artist has been gained attention with her works that visualize time with a trace of atmosphere, including an installation using naphthalene and salt, the cracking noise of earthenware, and leaf veins. In 2013, she won the Grand Prix at the 1st Nissan Art Awards. She has released her works at the Nissan Art Awards 2013 (BankART Studio NYK) and the Aichi Triennale 2010 (Aichi Arts Center) for her group exhibition. The artist has also held individual exhibitions at various places including the Mizuma Art Gallery and the National Museum of Art, Osaka.